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Hello & a little about me...

Devon here:) I live the quiet hamlet of Jerseyville near Hamilton, Ontario

with my husband, daughter and 2 Labrador retrievers.  My passion is connecting with people to support them to achieve greater

fulfillment and clarity towards living their best and most

authentic life.


Outside of Empowerment and Reiki Sessions I can be found

outdoors (snow, rain, sunshine – doesn’t matter!), being crafty

and reading insightful books.  Hence why I host 2 Book Clubs!

An Empowering Reiki Experience.

When I was in my mid-twenties I was seeking to find more

meaning and calm in my life.  With my first Reiki experience I

knew this was a way to explore my true feelings and find inner peace. 

Reiki provided the time, space and relaxation for me to think and

connect on a deeper level to how I was doing all around (physically, energetically, emotionally, spiritually).  The profound experiences I had led me to complete training as a Reiki Practitioner in 2010.    Sharing the Reiki experience through one-on-one sessions provides the modality and space to open up, check-in with ourselves and connect to what matters. 




Empowerment through Coaching.

It was in 2017 that I realized the need for me to explore the gap and lack of happiness I found between my work and home life. I was motivated to succeed but was unable to define success for myself.  I WAS STUCK…  I needed to know what would make me happy and fulfilled? It was through being coached that I integrated my values and motivation to all areas of my life- and left my stressful day job to pursue connecting with like minded people seeking the same fulfillment and purpose.  In 2019 I received formal and intense coaching training to be able to learn the skills and techniques to expand your vision the way my was – Thank-you Canada Coach Academy and Mentoring.

The Powerful Connection of Coaching and Reiki

I truly believe that to achieve fulfillment we must gain confidence in ourselves and make conscious decisions towards the life we want to live.  It takes awareness and mindfulness to set ourselves in the direction we desire.   

Whether you are at a time in your life where you are motivated and want to focus your drive or if you are seeking motivation.  Let’s connect – I’m here to support you. 

call: 905-515-0731



"Devon is the true embodiment of partnering."
Tracey F.
"Devon is truly a great coach! I always look forward to our sessions together. I always feel supported and able to explore my options and ideas together with her. With Devon as my coach I feel positive and excited about the future. She helps me to think about situations differently and to take action in a way that feels doable."
Alyssa G.
"When faced with having to make harder decisions, I have turned to Devon for advice and she has helped guide me through different scenarios and outcomes and encouraged me through the entire process. I look forward to our sessions  each time and always feel inspired and refreshed after!"
Dana J.
“I am blessed to know Devon.
I knew when I met her, I would become a client. She is a knowledgeable, compassionate and caring person who I look forward to seeing at each appointment.
The benefits of my Reiki sessions last well after my appointment time. I feel energized and balanced and my aches and pains abated.
I would recommend anyone who is interested in Reiki to contact Devon.”
Michelle K.
“Devon greeted me with the warmest, most authentic, and kindest energy. Devon creates a welcoming environment where it feels safe to let down your walls and really benefit from this energetic healing.  She sets intentions to truly connect, support growth, and dedicate this time to you during the session. Reiki with Devon makes me feel grounded and at peace with things I have been holding onto – even if I didn’t know I was holding onto it! It truly is a beneficial healing process that I continue to enjoy with Devon’s guidance. If you are open to the experience of Reiki, I highly recommend going through the journey with Devon.”

Melissa K.

Regular $105 per session.  Intro special for $85. An alternative and complementary treatment to promote your well-being.  Sessions can encourage the body’s natural healing process, reduce stress, increase mindfulness and provide an overall sense of relaxation.  The treatment includes light touch in specific areas of the body to focus energy and healing. Sessions are 1 - 1.5 hours in duration.


Empowerment Sessions

Starting with the Discovery and Intention setting session you will be guided through exercises and visualizations to gain clarity about your desires, goals and what's holding you back. The Discovery Questionnaire to be completed in advance of the first session. 

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